Why You Need Car Insurance This Hurricane Season

Even though Florida is called The Sunshine State, it also has its fair share of bad weather.

Hurricane season ranges from June 1 to November 30, and you must secure insurance policies for your important possessions. You may already have secured viable homeowners insurance and flood insurance policies, but what about your car?

Florida law mandates that car owners obtain auto insurance. This is helpful especially during times of unforeseen accidents which may cause damages to your prized property. However, a basic auto insurance policy might not cover damages caused by floods and heavy winds. With the hurricane season underway, you should immediately contact your insurance provider regarding the scope of your coverage. Usually, it is a comprehensive auto insurance coverage that can best help you alleviate the damages to your car that may be caused by hurricanes and other disasters.

It is ideal to have done your car insurance shopping before the hurricane season started since some insurance companies might not be willing to sell you a comprehensive policy during this period. If you already have a policy, you must take the time to read about the scope of its coverage to enable you to form your claims well after a disaster is over. If your car has been damaged, provide documentation as this will help make the process easier when you contact your insurance company and file a claim. It would be best to leave the car as it is and where it is. If you find out that hurricane damage isn’t included in your policy, then it would be best to look for a more comprehensive coverage to lessen damage-related costs in the future.

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