Top Benefits of Insurance Policies for your Home or Commercial Business

Home or commercial business insurance isn’t just a requirement from your mortgage lender – it’s an essential tool to help protect you from carrying the entire financial burden from catastrophic loss or damage like a house fire or sewer back up event or other loss.

Your business may have many assets: vehicles, office space and equipment, inventory, an indispensable employee or partner and, most importantly, yourself. To protect these assets and to protect your business from potential risks, you should consider getting insurance.

We at John Perry Insurance understand that home insurance can be expensive and there is always the temptation or need to cut costs. So here are the top benefits of insurance policies for your home or commercial business, so you won’t have to think over your insurance expenses.


Your home is your biggest investment and you take pride in it. But, every day in Southwest Florida some homes suffer damage from water, fire, storms, burglary and other accidents. Sometimes all it takes is a few seconds for a home to be severely damaged. Imagine if you had to suddenly pay thousands of dollars to repair your home because of a fire. These added costs could bankrupt a family. This doesn’t have to happen if you have insurance, you’ll have the best home insurance coverage available at John Perry Insurance.

Your home represents your life, your memories, your collections, and your refuge from the world. You need the best home insurance you can get to protect it. Whether it’s your main residence, a secondary home or even a rental you want to have the peace of mind that your property is covered properly.


All businesses take some risks, but taking too many risks or failing to protect yourself does not make good business sense. Could your business survive if one of the partners or a key person dies or becomes disabled? Would you have sufficient cash on hand to deal with any business emergency that could arise? In many cases, the answers to these and other questions about risk is “no”.

Getting the right insurance coverage for your business from John Perry Insurance is important. It does provide peace of mind because you know if the worst case happens you have the protection of your insurance policy.

If last year you weren’t able to secure comprehensive insurance policies for your home or commercial business, now is the time to get some! John Perry Insurance offers a wide range of individual and business insurance policies in Southwest Florida. Contact our office near you to learn more. CLEWISTON: 863-777-4966, FORT MYERS: 239-204-3211, LABELLE: 863-588-7336, OKEECHOBEE: 863-824-5393.

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