The Hartford Personal Insurance

The Hartford Insurance have aided and protected individuals and organizations in pursuing their unique objectives, seizing opportunities, and overcoming unanticipated obstacles for more than 211 years. Hartford insures human accomplishment as central to their mission, striving to strengthen communities, empower clients’ in terms of personal and commercial success, and provide an environment conducive to staff growth.

Why Choose Hartford Personal Insurance?

The Hartford is Leading With Integrity

The Hartford’s leadership team is unwavering in its dedication to do business in an open and transparent manner, to serve as an example to others, and most importantly, to empower human accomplishment. They are willing to take risks and act rapidly for the benefit of the business and consumers. Above all, it is critical to act with honesty and to win in the proper manner.

The Hartford is Advancing Sustainability

The Hartford’s unwavering commitment to sustainability comes from their strong legacy and is important to our long-term business plan. They understand what it takes to be sustainable, and doing it — actively listening and adjusting to ensure that they stay relevant to their consumers and distribution partners, all while operating in an ethical and trustworthy manner.

  • #1 – Earned ranking for our small business clients’ digital products.
  • $2.5B – In new investments made over the next five years that benefit the energy transition and the environment.
  • 80% – As regularly assessed by our staff, we are in the top quartile of engagement.

The Hartford is Driving Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Establishing a workforce diversity and cultivating an inclusive culture is not just a commercial need; it is also a moral one that The Hartford take seriously. According to research, businesses with a diverse spectrum of views and opinions are more innovative, risk takers, and problem solvers. Embracing diverse viewpoints, ideas, and backgrounds enables us to produce superior business results.

The Hartford is Empowering Communities

The Hartford company’s mission of enabling human success extends beyond the goods and services they provide to encompass the use of our knowledge, data, people, and resources to create a positive impact on society. The Hartford community involvement efforts are focused on achieving social fairness, meeting their neighbors’ vital needs, enabling human success, and supporting the issues that matter most to their workers.

The Hartford is Making an Impact With Your Career

The Hartford is committed to making a difference and are pleased to be an insurance firm whose mission extends well beyond coverages and policies. Working here implies that you will have every chance to attain your objectives – and to assist others in accomplishing theirs as well. As a member of The Hartford team, John Perry will help you shape the future.

The Hartford Offers AARP Member Benefits

Are you an AARP Member? If you are, then The Hartford Insurance is the best insurance provider for you. They offer exclusive benefits and programs for AARP members.

  • ARRP Auto Insurance Program: Through this program, you’ll get exceptional AARP® car insurance premiums and benefits. Additionally, you may qualify for extra auto insurance discounts and savings. To discover more about these discounts and advantages, get an AARP® auto insurance quote in as little as eight minutes.
  • AARP RV Insurance Program: Whether you need RV insurance, motorhome insurance, or trailer insurance, The Hartford’s AARP® Auto Insurance and Homeowners Insurance Program provides tailored coverage for your home away from home.
  • AARP Homeowners Insurance Program: The Hartford’s AARP® Homeowners Insurance Program may be tailored to help safeguard the investment you’ve made in your home – all at an affordable price. Your AARP® membership entitles you to discounts and credits that might help you save money on homes insurance.
    • Condo Insurance Under AARP Home Insurance Program: You’ve worked hard to transforming your apartment into a home. The AARP® Home Insurance Program from The Hartford can provide you with the personalized coverage you need to safeguard your home at an affordable price. Additionally, you may be eligible for condo insurance discounts, savings, and credits that may help you save money on your premiums.
  • AARP Flood Insurance Program: The Hartford provides AARP members coverage under the National Flood Insurance Program. Request a quote and learn how The Hartford’s AARP Flood Insurance Plan can safeguard your property.

The Harford Personal Insurance in Florida

Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance on Florida

Whether you just moved to the Sunshine State or are shopping for new car insurance in Florida, you can count on John Perry Insurance on your The Hartford insurance to be there when you need us most.

  • Florida Car Insurance Requirements – When obtaining a vehicle insurance quotation in Florida, ensure that you get enough coverage. In order to register and drive a car in Florida, evidence of insurance is required. You’ll need auto insurance with Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and Property Damage Liability (PDL). Florida state law imposes the following minimum limits for vehicle insurance:
    • Liability coverage for property damage is $10,000 per accident.
    • Coverage for personal injury protection (PIP) is $10,000 per person.
  • Coverage Types for Auto Insurance in Florida
    • Bodily injury liability coverage – If you are at fault for an auto accident, this may pay expenses incurred by anyone other than you and your passengers.
    • Property damage liability coverage: This may assist in paying for repairs if you are responsible for an automobile accident that results in the destruction of another person’s property, such as their home, vehicle, or trees.
    • Comprehensive coverage: Also called as “other than collision,” this coverage may assist you in repairing damage to your vehicle caused by theft, hail, fire, or colliding with an animal.
    • Uninsured motorist coverage: This policy protects you in the event of a collision with an uninsured driver, or someone who lacks bodily injury or property damage liability coverage.
    • Personal injury protection (PIP) coverage: Additionally referred to as “no-fault insurance,” PIP may pay medical insurance deductibles and lost income if anybody in your automobile is injured, regardless of who is at fault.
  • Florida Car Insurance Laws – As a resident of Florida, you are obliged to carry vehicle insurance. In Florida, driving without automobile insurance may result in a fine.
  • Car Insurance Benefits Offered to Florida Drivers – Florida residents may qualify for important auto insurance savings and advantages via the AARP Auto Insurance Program from Hartford, which includes the following:
    • Comprehensive Driving Evaluation
    • New Car Replacement§§
    • Accident Forgiveness
    • Disappearing Deductible‡
    • 24/7 Claim Service

Getting a car insurance quote in Florida from The Hartford is so easy that you can do it in minutes. Call John Perry Insurance Agent at 863-777-4966 or get a car insurance quote online.

AARP Auto Insurance Program

The Hartford’s AARP Auto Insurance Program Provides Auto Insurance Coverage, including the following:

  1. New Car Replacement Coverage – If your new auto is totaled, we’ll pay for a replacement of the same make, model, and equipment. And we’ll do so without taking into account depreciation.
  2. RecoverCare – After-Accident Assistance – The Hartford’s AARP Auto Insurance Program covers more than just your vehicle. If you are ever injured in an accident, our RecoverCare coverage reimburses you for items you are unable to accomplish on your own, such as house cleaning, lawn maintenance, snow removal, transportation services, food preparation, and dog walking. If your injury prevents you from driving to work, we can also assist you in covering the costs of substitute transportation.
  3. Lifetime Car Repair Assurance – Following a covered claim, we will assist you in locating a reputable repair business so you don’t have to deal with the bother yourself. If you choose one of the 1,600+ repair shops in our certified network, we will guarantee the quality of the repairs for the life of the car you own or lease.
  4. 24/7 Car Insurance Claims Hotline – Accidents occur at anytime. That is why you need an auto insurance provider that can react swiftly – regardless of the time of day or night. We’ve built a reputation for honesty and trust, and we’re proud of our track record of high client satisfaction with claims services. Our 6-point Claim Commitment ensures that you will get timely and attentive treatment throughout the claims process. Make a claim with us. We’ll guide you through the AARP auto insurance claims procedure.
  5. Additional Car Insurance Protection – Auto insurance coverage possibilities differ according to policy. The Hartford’s AARP Auto Insurance Program adds extra coverages to help protect you and your vehicle.
    • Accident Forgiveness – We recognize that every driver makes mistakes. As long as all drivers on your vehicle insurance policy enjoy a five-year streak of accident-free driving, you qualify for accident forgiveness. Once you qualify and your coverage includes Accident Forgiveness, we will forgive your first auto accident without raising your insurance rate.
    • Disappearing Deductible for Auto Insurance – We believe in recognizing exceptional drivers. With our optional vanishing deductible, your vehicle insurance policy’s collision deductible will gradually decrease over time as long as you have a clean driving record.
    • 24/7 Roadside Assistance for AARP Members – We’re here when you need us most. If you have a roadside emergency like a flat tire, a dead battery or you lose your keys, we can help. Our roadside assistance and towing service is available to anyone with an AARP membership that has our car insurance.

Boat Insurance

It’s critical to have the proper coverage in place to safeguard you, your passengers, and your boat or watercraft when on the water. Boat insurance is required regardless of the sort of recreational boat you possess. Our boat insurance may assist you in protecting:

  • Powerboats: These use engines to move and are typically for fishing or watersports.
  • Bass and fishing boats: Also known as bass boats, these are smaller than powerboats.
  • Pontoon boats: These use floats to stay above water and are generally used for fishing or cruising.
  • Personal watercraft (PWC): These are smaller watercrafts, such as jet-skis, meant for one to three people.
  • Sailboats: These use sails to move through the water.

How Much Boat Insurance Coverage Do I Need?

Your personal boat insurance coverage requirements are determined by the characteristics of your boat and how you use it. If you’re cruising around a lake on a pontoon boat, you may not need as much covering as you would with a powerboat. We make it simple to tailor your boat insurance coverage to your unique requirements. Consider the following coverages to assist you with protecting your boat or watercraft:

  • Hull Coverage: This coverage protects you in the case your water craft sustains damage.
  • Additionally, it covers the engine and electrical equipment on board.
  • Medical payments: If you or your passengers are injured in an accident, this coverage may assist in covering the expense of treatment.
  • Liability for property damage: Assists in covering the expenses of physical damage to or replacement of other people’s property caused by your boat or watercraft.
  • Liability for bodily injury: If you injure another person while operating your boat, this policy helps pay their medical expenses.
  • Uninsured/underinsured boat: If someone impacts your boat or watercraft without insurance or with insufficient coverage, this may assist pay for damages or injuries.
  • Personal effects coverage: Assists in defraying the expense of repairing or replacing possessions that are destroyed or lost while on the water.
  • Emergency help and towing: Contributes toward the cost of having your boat or watercraft hauled if it becomes disabled while on the water.

To find out more about boat insurance and how you can save money, call 863-777-4966 to get a boat insurance quote.

RV Insurance

our recreational vehicle (RV) is something more than a car, but not nearly a home. This might make it difficult to acquire reasonable coverage for your mobile home. That is where we can assist you. Whether you need RV insurance, motorhome insurance, or trailer insurance, The Hartford’s AARP® Auto Insurance and Homeowners Insurance Program provides tailored coverage for your home away from home.

Do You Need RV Insurance?

RV insurance is not the same as auto insurance. That is why specific coverage is required for RVs, travel trailers, and campers. Our RV insurance provides many of the same advantages as vehicle insurance, but with added protection for the special dangers associated with RVs.

RV Insurance Coverages

You may tailor your RV insurance policy by adding several kinds of coverage, including the following:

  • Medical Payments: This coverage assists with the expense of treatment or recovery if you or your passengers are injured in a collision.
  • Collision Damage: This coverage helps cover the cost of repairs if your RV is damaged in an accident.
  • Bodily Injured: If you are involved in an accident with your RV and another person is injured, this coverage helps cover their medical bills.
  • Property Damage: If your RV or trailer causes damage to another person’s property, such as their vehicle or house, this coverage may assist cover the cost of the repairs.

To protect your RV, speak with your local insurance agent or contact one of John Perry Insurance Agent at 863-777-4966.

The Best RV Insurance for AARP Members

If you’re at least 50 years old and an AARP member, The Hartford offers competitive prices and discounts on RV insurance. Additionally, your membership entitles you to additional perks, including the following:

  • Hassle-Free Claims Service – Accidents may occur at any time of the day or night. That is why, regardless of the time of day or night, our staff is there to assist you with the claims procedure.
  • Lifetime Repairs – We’ll assist you with locating a reputable repair business to repair your RV after a covered loss. Our network includes over 1,600 approved repair shops, and we guarantee the quality of their work for as long as you own or lease your RV.
  • New Car Replacement – If your RV is totaled during the first 15 months or 15,000 miles of purchase (whichever comes first), we will pay the cost of a similar make and model replacement. Therefore, if your new RV is totaled, replacement coverage might assist in covering the cost of a replacement.

Umbrella Insurance

Personal umbrella insurance provides supplementary liability coverage and supplements the limitations of your vehicle and home insurance (The Hartford don’t offer Home Insurance in Florida).

What Does Umbrella Insurance Cover?

  • Auto Bodily Injury Liability: This coverage helps pay for a person’s medical expenses if they are injured in an automobile accident. When your car liability limit is reached, this coverage kicks in.
  • Bodily Injury Liability: This might assist in covering another person’s medical expenses. If someone is injured and sues you, this coverage covers you up to the amount of your liability limit.
  • Property Damage Liability: This coverage contributes to the cost of repairing damage to another person’s property or vehicle. This coverage kicks in whenever your liability limit is depleted.
Several frequent instances that your umbrella insurance will assist in covering include the following:
  • Damage to another person’s property
  • Medical bills if someone is hurt at your home
  • A settlement if you’re at fault for an accident on your property
Your umbrella policy doesn’t help cover:
  • Damage to your personal property from fire or theft
  • Losses from your business operations
  • Contract issues that lead to someone suing your business
  • Criminal actions

Learn more about personal umbrella coverage in this video.

Why Choose John Perry as Hartford Personal Insurance Broker?

Being an independent agency, we have access to multiple insurance carriers including Progressive Insurance. We will quote and compare your information with each company in order to give you the best possible rate.

Call John Perry Insurance for a free consultation and personal insurance quote today.

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