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Securing flood insurance is particularly important in Florida because the state is prone to flooding due to its geography and weather patterns. Florida is a low-lying state with a large coastline and many rivers, which makes it susceptible to floods caused by heavy rainfall, storm surges, and hurricanes.

In fact, Florida has the highest number of flood insurance policies in the country, with approximately 35% of all National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) policies held in the state. Despite this, many Florida residents still do not have flood insurance coverage, which can lead to devastating financial losses if their property is damaged or destroyed by flooding.

Without flood insurance, property owners may be left to bear the entire cost of repairing or rebuilding their homes and businesses after a flood, which can be an enormous financial burden. Additionally, many mortgage lenders require borrowers to purchase flood insurance if their property is located in a designated flood zone.

In short, securing flood insurance in Florida is essential for protecting your property and finances in the event of a flood. It’s important to check your flood risk and ensure that you have adequate coverage to protect your home, business, and personal belongings.

National General Insurance believes that knowing your flood risk can help you better protect yourself and your property.

Consider these facts when you’re shopping for flood coverage:

  • Everyone lives in a flood zone
  • Floods and flash floods happen in all 50 states
  • 25% of all flood claims are filed by people who live outside high-risk areas
  • In high-risk areas, a home is twice as likely to be damaged by a flood than a fire

Compare Your Options to Help Find the Right Coverage

We offer two different types of flood policies to help you get the right coverage. Beyond Floods, a flood policy with more extensive coverage or a flood policy through the National Flood Insurance Program. Compare your options below to help determine which choice fits your needs.

Flood Insurance Comparison


National Flood Insurance’s John Perry agents can help you find the right flood insurance for you.

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