More or Less Workers, Can You Get Workers Compensation Insurance in Fort Myers

Workers’ compensation insurance in Fort Myers

Is a compulsory, statutory form of insurance for employers in  Southwest Florida and provides protection to workers if they suffer a work-related injury.

A business that employs or hires workers on a full-time, part-time, or casual basis, under an oral or written contract of service or apprenticeship, must have workers’ compensation insurance that covers all workers.

If you are an employer, you’re required to take reasonable care to make sure that your workspaces are safe. But accidents happen. Workers’ compensation ensures that employees who suffer from job-related injuries and illnesses get the medical care they need, as well as wage replacement while they’re unable to return to work. Workers’ compensation kicks in regardless of who is at fault, whether it’s an employee, the employer, co-workers, or even customers. In exchange for these guaranteed benefits, employees have limited rights to sue the employer for damages for those injuries.

Workers’ compensation is a state-regulated program, so statutes in each state determine what kinds of injuries and ailments are covered, how these issues are to be evaluated, how medical care is to be delivered, and the amount of benefits an employee may receive.

If a worker employed by you suffers a workplace injury or disease, workers’ compensation provides the injured worker with weekly benefits, medical and hospital expenses, rehabilitation services, certain personal items, and a lump sum payment for permanent impairment on the basis set by the particular case.

Each state government regulates workers’ compensation in that state.  The various policies are administered in different ways and insurers may have different roles.

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