Importance of Flood Insurance During Hurricane Season

Having flood insurance in Florida is beneficial during the hurricane season because flood is not usually part of the homeowner’s insurance policy.

What is Flood Insurance?

Flood insurance is a kind of property insurance that:

  • covers damage to real property for losses sustained by water damage specifically due to flooding.
  • is available for all residential and commercial properties but does not include storm damage on your roof.

Difference Between Homeowners Insurance and Flood Insurance

flood insurance

Homeowner insurance policy is only exclusive for:
  • fire
  • lightning 
  • theft
  • windstorm 
  • hail and other occurrences similar in nature

flood insurance

Flood insurance is not mandatory but would be wise to get hold of it in case the hurricane causes a flood.

  • it is the medium to high risk of flooding
  • to protect your financial interests in your properties.

There are several popular flood insurance companies in Florida but most of them do not offer a flood policy and these include the following:

  1. Safeco Insurance –
  2. Citizens Property Insurance Corporation –
  3. St Johns Insurance –
  4. Travelers –
  5. Zurich Insurance Group –
  6. National General Insurance –

However, there are insurance companies that offer comprehensive and affordable flood coverages but their policy prices are not flexible and they are as follow:

  1. Security First Florida – 
  2. The Hart Ford –
  3. American Integrity Insurance Group –

That being said, it would highly be advisable to get hold of the John Perry Insurance because we carry several insurance providers and we could provide a customized policy based on your needs.

John Perry Insurance has been carrying out insurance business to help both the businesses and individuals to find reliable and affordable insurance policies, which will suit your needs. Our friendly team has the expertise and dedication to facilitate the utmost flood insurance for your needs that are advantageous to your interests.

Being an independent agency for more than 25 years, we have full access to multiple insurance carriers. We can provide a quote that will best fit your budget.

The team at John Perry Insurance is experienced in preparing your flood insurance policy to cover this unexpected devastation.

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