How to Effectively File a Flood Insurance Claim in Clewiston, Florida

When a flood strikes your home, you are feeling mixed emotions. You feel angry and at the same time scared and confused.  But if you have flood insurance, you need to file a claim together with your insurance agent as soon as possible. It is better and important to file your claim immediately and prepare all the supporting documents or information on hand. Your policy can help you get monetary compensation for anything that was lost or damaged in your home when the flooding happened. And provided within those documents is flood coverage and you must also follow the necessary steps. There are circumstances that are out of control and filing a flood insurance claim can give you peace of mind as you repair or rebuild your home.

If you are having problems on how to file a flood insurance, no need to worry about that because John Perry Insurance,  flood insurance in Clewiston will be able to help you out.

Listed below are the steps on how to file flood insurance effectively.

  • Check your insurance policy – not all insurance policy includes flood damage. Before you inform your insurance agency, it is better to check over your policy to make sure that you are covered for flood damage.
  • Get an anticipated time frame – it is important to ask your agent the expected time frame for that claim. It does not mean that you have a guaranteed date but an idea when the agent will be visiting your home.
  • Document all damage – take pictures of any damaged objects like furniture, clothing, appliances and other belongings. You can also photograph any structural damage to your home. Make sure that your electrical system is assessed by a professional electrician. Again, do not throw out any items until an insurance adjuster has visited your home.
  • Prepare an inventory of any damaged or lost items – aside form photographing the damage of your home, it is also a good idea to keep an inventory of all damaged or lost things. Include the description, value, date of purchase and any receipts. Your inventory should include: the date and place of purchase, model number, and serial number, detailed description of the items, the original purchase cost and any receipts you may have retained.

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