Homeowners Insurance Policy in Labelle, Fort Myers, Clewiston, and Okeechobee, Florida

Your home is considered as more than just a protective roof over your head and it may be your most valuable asset. It is also one of the main reasons why you likely can’t afford to replace out-of-pocket if disaster strikes anytime. And protecting your investment with the right and deserving homeowner’s insurance coverage is so important than any other.


Homeowners insurance specifically gives financial relief whenever a covered event damages your home, property, or personal belongings. On the other way around, it can also payout when you’re held responsible for any accident, injury, and other casualties.

It covers several major functions which are:

  • undergo repair of your house, yard, and other related structures
  • manage to repair or replace your personal belongings in the long run
  • covers personal liability if you’re held legally responsible and involve in damage or injury to someone else. In other words, it can be used as a means of financial protection. To make things clearer, if someone sues after being injured on your property, proper home insurance limits can ensure you won’t be paying their legal fees from your pocket.

Fortunately, homeowner’s insurance coverage isn’t required and mandatory by law. However, if you have a mortgage, your lender (the bank that is invested in your loan) will likely require you to insure the home to protect its investment. Additionally, in the absence of` mortgage, home insurance is almost always a wise purchase and investment, providing you both property and liability coverage.


There are many essential features of a home insurance policy to take a look at upon choosing. What is the rightful coverage for you as a homeowner and for your home? Let us pause for a while and focus more on the following important features that are included on most homeowners’ insurance policies:

Coverage No 1: Dwelling Protection

This protection ensures the cost of repairing or rebuilding your home and property if it’s damaged or destroyed as time goes by. When you choose the amount, bear in mind the cost to rebuild your home is different from its market value.

Coverage No 2: Other Structures Protection

The majority of homeowner’s insurance policies provide coverage for other structures that are found in your property but separate from your homes, such as a detached garage, tool shed, or fence.

Coverage No 3: Personal Property Protection

This protection includes your furniture, clothing, and pretty much everything else inside your home and other properties. The majority of policies set the appropriate amount of personal property protection as a percentage of the dwelling coverage.

Coverage No 4: Loss of Use

This protection covers when an insured has to move out of the home while repairs are made as a result of damage caused by a covered loss.

Coverage No 5: Medical Payments to Others

The coverage may help with the medical or funeral expenses of any person who got injured on your property.

Coverage No 6: Law Insurance or Ordinance 

If you are rebuilding your home and you are in need to pay for the current building codes after a covered loss, the coverage got you.

Coverage No 7: Credit Card/ Bank Debit/ATM Card

If unfortunate happens to your credit card (credit card scams or hacking), or bank debit/ATM card, the insurance can pay to your selected limit. Additionally, it can help with forged checks and counterfeit money.

Coverage No 8: Identity theft

With the growing number of cybercrimes and computer hacking, insurance helps keep your informational data safe and secured.

Coverage No 9: Valuables Plus®

Personal and priceless personal collections will be protected such as jewelry, watches, antiques, and art collections.

Coverage No 10: Replacement Cost Plus

For residential rebuilding after a loss, the coverage can handle the additional 20% of your property coverage limit.

Coverage No 11: Water Back-Up

If your sewer or drains has damages, or your sump pump overflows, the coverage got it covered too.

Coverage No 12: Earthquake

Natural-cause damage like from earthquakes can be applicably deducted also.

Coverage No 13: Flood Insurance

Designed particularly for flood-prone houses, to protect assets from flood devastation. Though it has a separate policy with its deductibles it is also part of the coverage.


  • Annually check the insurance policy value versus rising local building cost.
  • Have a quick estimate on the amount of your property if you will be rebuilding your home.
  • Keep updated with the latest building codes in your community.
  • Never insure your home for the market value.
  • Always update your insurer and increase the limits of your policy for house remodeling.
  • Make a list of inventory of all your assets in your property and homes.
  • Always check policies for limits on personal items like jewelry, furs, and computer equipment
  • Inventories should be documented in digital or hard copy forms like videos and receipts.
  • Store your inventory list away from your home like a safe deposit box in banks.
  • Every year update your inventory lists for big purchases.
  • Keep in mind insurance policies are contracts that should be understood thoroughly.

Home insurance policy documents may not be engaging to read, but you should know and understand what you are covered for, what is not included, and most importantly your rights and responsibilities.

Home insurance policies give protection, safety, and peacefulness, allowing you to enjoy living in your homes with no-worries. Let John Perry Insurance cover your home and property assets. You can ask any questions you may have and together, let’s find the perfect coverage for you!

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