Holiday Safety- 5 Common Insurance Claims and How to Prevent Them

To have insurance to cover your life and property is a wise decision because accidents and/ or other kinds of mishaps are unforeseeable but will transpire to your disadvantage. Nobody knows when an accident will transpire, right? Especially so during this holiday season where people get busy yet, bad people enjoy the opportunity to steal or inflict injury to others.

The basic concept when it comes to insurance policy subscription is the idea that insurance serves as a tool to represent and pay you for the damage you might suffer, may it be related to health or property damage.

Though people are cautious about the maintenance to upkeep their health status, the manifestation of degenerative diseases is however inevitable. This factor is unstoppable and you will only be lucky if you already secured insurance before the manifestation of these diseases.

In this relation, the subscription for the insurance coverage is significant to provide the needed medical attention to address the outcome of the degenerative disease.

Moreover, the property insurance, on the other hand, is a real property protection from the liability coverage that you incurred. It can also include policies such as but not limited to the homeowners’ insurance, renters insurance, and others.

In short, the subscription of property insurance is indispensable like health insurance to ensure the return of the value of the incurred health medication and damaged properties. That being said, you should protect your valuable investment and perhaps your utmost lifetime investment as a practical approach for today’s occurrence of unpredictable insurgencies.

On the contrary, insurance claims about the common causes are preventable especially during this holiday season and the following are few of the examples:

  1. Robbery – during this holiday season, people become busy preparing for Christmas but bad people take the opportunity to rob. The loss of personal properties is an insurable circumstance especially if it is due to forcible entry and commission of the burglary. To prevent its commission, you should ensure that your doors and windows are always locked. Aside from that, you should also invest in home alarm system installation.
  2. Rampage caused by a natural disaster – damage that might cause by a hurricane is subject to insurance coverage but this damage may be mitigated if you observed the proper preparation to protect your belongings and family.
  3. Wind damage – wind is a powerful force of nature that may ruin your house. To prevent it you should ensure to take good care of the trees surrounding your house to make them strong and healthy.
  4. Home fire – due to the coldness of the holiday season, people opt to get warm near the fireplace. Make sure that you don’t leave your fireplace unattended.
  5. Falls on property – due to loose floor tiles and carpets, you may accidentally fall and suffer from physical injury. To prevent this, you need to secure the loose flooring immediately upon discovery.

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