Here’s Why You Should Consider Flood Insurance for Your Home

With the approaching hurricane season, flooding is a concern that needs to be preemptively addressed. Florida, being a state situated near the coast, is prone to flooding when disasters such as storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes strike. The damages that your home can sustain from flooding may not be covered by your homeowner’s policy, which is why it is a proactive step to secure a flood insurance policy.

What is a flood insurance policy, and why is it important for your Southwest Florida home?

The National Flood Insurance Program defines flood as “A general and temporary condition of partial or complete inundation of two or more acres of normally dry land area or of two or more properties (at least one of which is your property) from overflow of inland or tidal waters, from unusual and rapid accumulation or runoff of surface waters from any source, or from mudflow.

Flooding is the most common disaster in the United States and is also the most expensive in terms of what it can cost you. A standard homeowner’s insurance will not cover flood damage. Getting a flood insurance policy is sure to help you with damage-relate costs, no matter what level of flood risk your area is labeled with. It typically includes the structure of your home and its contents in the coverage. A flood insurance policy can cover your appliances, furniture, electrical systems, electronics, clothing, and installed carpeting. When looking for a good policy, it is important to know the coverage limit for each of your possessions, so that you may decide which ones would want more protection. It is also important to understand which items cannot be included in the policy.

Flood insurance is necessary for this hurricane season, and it is for your best benefit to contact a trustworthy insurance company to help you find the policy suited to your needs. John Perry Insurance is an independent insurance agency in Southwest Florida serving the residents of Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, Clewiston, Fort Myers, LaBelle, and Okeechobee for over two decades. Our courteous and friendly staff will assist you to find the best flood insurance quote. Contact us now! 863-777-4966 (Clewiston), 239-204-3211 (Fort Myers), 863-588-7336 (LaBelle), 863-824-5393 (Okeechobee).

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