Here Are Some Motorcycle Riding Tips for Spring Season 2018

With the sunny weather all year long, it is without doubt that a large number of registered motorcycle owners across the country are Floridians. With the probable flood of bikers out on the streets this coming spring, we’ve compiled these motorcycle riding tips for you to maintain your safety out on the road.

Check your helmet.

To ensure that your helmet conforms to safety standards, look for the US Department of Transportation label when you buy a new one or a replacement. Your helmet must fit right; one way to test this is to see if your skin moves as the helmet is moved from side to side. Frequent usage can wear your helmet out, which calls for replacement. It is recommended to replace your helmet seven years after it was manufactured, although some people replace theirs after three to five years.

Check your eye protector

The wearing of an eye-protective device when riding your motorcycle is mandated by Florida law. Choose high-quality gear to shield your eyes from the dust, rocks, and other particles that the road can throw at you.

Check your riding apparel

Make use of durable clothing when out on the roads to protect you in case you might get involved in an accident or get caught in bad weather. Also, use proper protection for your hands and feet. You can opt for bright clothing to inform other drivers about your presence.

Be attentive and alert

Keeping your attention on the road and your driving can help prevent accidents and allow you to react immediately in case you encounter one. Besides, abide by traffic rules and stay out of other people’s blind spots. Remember that vigilance can keep you out of harm.

Spring motorcycle riding ought to be fun; just keep your safety in mind to prevent problems from occurring. If you plan to have your motorcycle insured and are shopping around for the perfect policy, John Perry Insurance can help you find the right one. We have access to multiple insurance carriers and are happy to serve you. For motorcycle insurance in Fort Myers, Florida and its surrounding communities, call John Perry Insurance today! 863-777-4966 (Clewiston), 239-204-3211 (Fort Myers), 863-588-7336 (Labelle), 863-824-5393 (Okeechobee).

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