Here are 5 Flood Prevention Tips for this Hurricane Season

Florida, being a high-risk area for flooding, might be possible in danger of enduring floods during this hurricane season.

With this, it is therefore important to make the necessary preparations to ensure that your home and property are safe.

Here are some tips that we have compiled to help you out.

Check the weather

Check your local news station for the latest weather update so you can take steps to prepare yourself for anything that might happen. Also, check if there is a high possibility of flooding in your area.

Plan ahead

When it comes to disasters, proper planning is necessary to reduce damages incurred. If you know that your area is at a high risk of flooding, you should start preparing your home and property. Valuable items should be kept in places where they cannot be reached by floodwaters. Also, take the time to protect your important documents by properly sealing them in waterproof containers.

Clean your gutters and drainage

Accumulated debris in your gutters and drainage must be removed to prevent water from overflowing or becoming stagnant and seeking other outflow places, such as your attic, wall, or ceiling. This can cause serious water damage.

Check your sump pump

Your sump pump protects your home, especially your basement, from flooding by directing the water to a predetermined outflow area. Check your sump pump from time to time to ensure that it is in good working condition and to see if repairs need to be done. You wouldn’t want it breaking down during heavy rain!

Prepare a flood wall

Flood walls protect your property and home from being damaged by floodwaters.

You can purchase a good floodwall or improvise by using sandbags and piling them.

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