Benefits of Having Homeowners Insurance this Hurricane Season

Hurricane season has arrived at the Sunshine State.

Your home is your prized investment, and to protect it, you need to take proactive actions to ensure its safety. Among the measures that you can consider doing would be shopping for a comprehensive homeowner’s insurance policy. What is homeowners’ insurance and what can it do for you and your home?

Here is a list of some items generally covered by homeowners insurance, as seen on the website of the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation:

Interior and exterior damages

Homeowners insurance can help cover the costs of repair or replacement of any interior or exterior structure of your home that has been damaged by covered natural disasters, such as storms and fire, as well as incidents of theft and vandalism. Flood damage is not usually covered by homeowner’s insurance, which is why you may need to secure a flood insurance policy especially if you live in an area with a high risk of flooding. Damages sustained in the aftermath of an earthquake are typically not included as well.  

Other structures

These include structures that are not parts of your house but are parts of your property, such as fences and sheds.  

Personal property

This aspect covers the cost of losing your household possessions due to a covered cause of loss, such as theft and some natural disasters. 


Homeowners insurance can also help you cover the medical expenses that are results of an accident that happened inside your property which caused an injury to another person. It can also help protect you against lawsuits for any personal injury claim, which happened inside your property, filed against you. 

Additional coverage

Additional living expenses, or loss of use, may be paid for by your homeowners’ insurance, i.e. when your house is uninhabitable and you need to live somewhere else while it is being repaired, your homeowners’ insurance can cover your hotel expenses and meals, among others.

This hurricane season, homeowners insurance is needed to protect your property and help you with damage-related costs. When shopping for homeowners insurance, John Perry Insurance can help! We are the most dependable insurance company in Southwest Florida and strive to assist you in finding the policy that best works for you. When it comes to personal, business, and commercial property insurance, contact John Perry Insurance863-777-4966 (Clewiston), 239-204-3211 (Fort Myers), 863-588-7336 (Labelle), 863-824-5393 (Okeechobee).

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