Florida Insurance for Newly Constructed Homes

Buying a new home can be both exciting and overwhelming. In between picking out your paint color, appliances, and tile pattern, it’s important to obtain the right insurance coverage, which is why you should contact John Perry Insurance, your local agent in Florida for American Integrity today!

Here are just a few reasons why John Perry Insurance, your local agent for American Integrity should be your Florida new home insurance provider:

1. Great Rates for Newer Homes

American Integrity Insurance offers excellent rates for newer homes because of their adherence to modern construction standards and safety features, which reduce the risk of structural damage and accidents.

2. Various Discounts (Windstorm Loss Mitigation Features, Water Loss Prevention, Military, and Many More!)

For homeowners and dwelling policies that cover the peril of Windstorms or Hail, a premium credit (up to a maximum of 90%, inclusive of any Building Code Effectiveness Grading discount) may be available if one or more of the following loss mitigation features or construction techniques exists:

  • Roof Covering;
  • Roof Deck Attachment;
  • Roof to Wall Connection / Attachment;
  • Opening Protection;
  • Roof Shape / Geometry; or
  • Secondary Water Resistance

3. Multi-line Discount When You Add Your Boat/Jet Ski, Golf Cart, Rental Home, or Other Products

American Integrity Insurance offers a multi-line discount as an incentive for customers to bundle multiple insurance products together, such as adding their boat/jet ski, golf cart, rental home, or other products to their existing coverage. This discount is designed to provide customers with both financial savings and added convenience.

4. Flood Endorsement (Less Expensive Than NFIP with No Waiting Period) Available in Many Areas

American Integrity Insurance offers flood endorsements that are competitively priced and often more affordable than the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), while also having the advantage of no waiting period in many areas.

5. Other Optional Coverages and Bundle Options

American Integrity Insurance offers other optional coverages and bundle options to cater to diverse customer needs and provide comprehensive, customized protection beyond standard policies. By addressing unique risks, such as identity theft or equipment breakdown, and allowing customers to bundle coverages like home, auto, and personal liability insurance, the company enables effective risk mitigation and tailored solutions.

Here’s Why American Integrity Insurance Is a Leader in New Construction:


  • Burglary Alarm: Local or Centrally Monitored
  • Fire Alarm: Local or Centrally Monitored
  • Hip Roof: No Documentation is Required
  • Gated Community: Manned or Passkey Entry
  • Limited Access Community: 3 Entries or Less
  • Mediation-Arbitration Discount
  • Military Discount
  • Multi-Program Discount
  • Water Loss Prevention: Home

American Integrity Insurance is committed to providing Florida homeowners with sound, comprehensive insurance coverage, and an extraordinary customer experience. We strive to be a valued partner to our policyholders, agents, and community. We strongly believe in our core values of integrity, commitment, teamwork, humility, passion, and fun, and use those values to help guide every decision we make.

Family Photo with New House in the Background

Ask John Perry Insurance, your local American Integrity Insurance agent in Clewiston, Fort Myers, Labelle, and Okeechobee, Florida about all the available discounts when you call us today for a Florida homeowners insurance quote for new construction. Contact John Perry Insurance today to discuss your homeowners insurance needs and learn more about how American Integrity Insurance can provide the protection your home requires.

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