5 Water Safety Tips for Spring Break Season

It’s spring break season once again, and Florida is one of the top destinations for a getaway. With all of the pools and beaches, we’ll enjoy this season, it is vital to bear our safety in mind.

Here are some water safety tips we have compiled to help you prevent accidents and injuries this swim season.

  • Weather condition. Although Florida is usually sunny throughout the year, it could not be avoided that the current weather condition may change. Before you go in for a swim or a boating trip, take the time to read or listen to the weather forecast to carefully plan out your activities for the rest of the day.
  • Adult supervision. According to Florida statistics, children ages 1 to 4 have the highest drowning rate. The USA Swimming Foundation finds Florida to be the state with the highest number of child drownings in 2017. When swimming with your children, it is very important to have a complete focus on them at all times, especially in unguarded swimming areas like beaches. A glance away from them might be long enough for an accident to happen.
  • Physical barriers. If you have a swimming pool and have children running around, it is best to put up physical barriers, such as fences, to prevent them from accidentally falling into the pool.
  • Flotation devices and water safety equipment. Make sure that the flotation devices you use are US Coast Guard approved. When boating, make sure that everyone knows how to operate a life jacket appropriately. Kids under 12 years of age should always wear life jackets when riding watercraft.
  • Plan ahead. It is imperative for you and your family to know what actions to perform during emergencies. Study how to perform CPR and teach the “throw, don’t go” method when trying to help a drowning person.

Keeping these tips in mind can help protect you from sustaining unnecessary injuries while swimming. When it comes to protecting the things you own, such as your home, boat, or motorcycleJohn Perry Insurance can help. We are an independent insurance company in Southwest Florida with access to multiple insurance carriers to help you find the perfect insurance quote. Contact John Perry Insurance through any of the following numbers: Clewiston: 863-777-4966, Fort Myers: 239-204-3211, LaBelle: 863-588-7336, Okeechobee: 863-824-5393.

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