5 Tips for Effectively Filing an Insurance Claim

Each one of us, at some point in our lives, comes face to face with loss. Losing something, such a household item or a vehicle, to theft, unforeseen circumstances, or natural causes can be distressing. Having insurance coverage can lessen the stress brought by loss. We’ve compiled a few tips below for your effective filing of insurance claims, and thereby making the process a little bit easier.

Keep a record of all your possessions covered by insurance.

The claiming process would be much easier for you if you keep track of all your insured possessions before a loss occurs. Do not lose the original receipt of each item you buy as this holds important information such as the cost and date of purchase. You can also take photographs of your items. The next time you buy an additional household item, immediately add its information to your inventory list for future use. Do not forget to keep copies of your list for back-up in case you, unfortunately, lose it. 

Be prompt, proactive, and precise when reporting losses.

In an event of loss, it is best to immediately contact your insurance agent. You can also contact your agent after you have reported to the police, so that everything may be put in order first. Prepare all the documents you would need, like your inventory list. Be accurate in the information you provide, as misrepresentation can cause delays or the cancellation of your insurance coverage.

Document the whole insurance process.

Keeping track of what is happening during the claiming process is also helpful. Record your communication with your agent and keep all e-mails, letters, or calls and messages sent through mobile phone for basis in case some problems should arise.

Perform emergency repairs. 

Doing emergency repairs helps in the prevention of incurring more damages. You can check with your agent if your policy covers such repairs. Also, document the repairs done and do not forget to keep the receipts from the work finished.

Protect yourself from fraudsters.

Calamities such as hurricanes or earthquakes wherein a lot of damages occur are opportunities for some tricksters to offer their fraudulent services. To avoid scammers, it is favorable that you consult your insurance provider concerning repair service suggestions to be sure to get dependable workers who won’t run away with your money.  Loss can be a disappointing experience, which is why getting your valuables insured can be a great help in starting over again.

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