5 Hurricane Safety Tips

Hurricane Florence, as well as other atmospheric disturbances, poses a great risk to your home and family. Florida, being a state located near the coast, is at great risk of flooding the moment the big storm arrives. We all are primarily concerned with our safety and protection, which is why it is important to prepare for anything that might happen.

Here are some tips that can help secure you and your family this hurricane season.

  • Plan ahead. Prepare an emergency plan which you should comprehensively discuss with your family. Make sure that everybody understands and sticks to the plan, especially children. Prepare your emergency survival kit, which consists of food, water, medical supplies, flashlights, batteries, and signal devices, such as whistles.
  • Be updated with the latest news. Tune in to the latest updates regarding the weather so that you will know what to do. It would be best to have a battery-operated radio so that you can still be informed about the latest happenings even during power outages.
  • Prepare your property. Flooding is possible during heavy rain; you can prevent water entry by stacking up sandbags or purchasing a flood wall that you can put up around your property. Trim trees and shrubbery that may break and damage your home. Remove debris and objects that may be blown off by heavy winds such as patio and backyard furniture and hanging fixtures.
  • Stay in a safe place when a hurricane strikes. When the big storm comes, stay in a secure place with your family. Stay away from windows, doors, or other objects which may crash or cause potential damage. Putting up hurricane shutters would help prevent your home from incurring a lot of damage from airborne objects.
  • After the storm, mind your surroundings. Check your surroundings for possible damages. Avoid turning on the power if there are down power lines or broken circuits. Do not go out of a building if everything is not yet clear outside.

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