5 Fire Safety Tips for this Holiday Season

Nothing compares to the feeling of being at home on holidays. Parties are everywhere and it’s meant for everyone to enjoy the celebration that comes once a year. Even though holiday brings fun to every home, tremendous cooking and certain decorations can heighten up the possibility for a home fire or injury to happen. Holiday fires claim lots of lives and damages properties to millions of dollars each year, that’s why it’s time to get your homeowners insurance in Clewiston, too.

To reduce the risk of a fire, consider these tips below before finally decorating your home for celebrations.

Avoid Cooking Disasters

The season for home cooking fires is mostly during the holidays. If you don’t want to end up with your cooking activities in destructive flames, ensure that you keep alert on anything flammable. Also, frequently check some spills that may cause the fire or patiently watch over what you’re cooking to avoid burning or igniting with flame.

Check Light Strands

Strands of lights have been common decorations for the holidays. When opting for LED strands, choose a product that does not generate heat, lowering the risk for an upsurge of fire. Check the bulbs that you are about to hang at least thrice. Even if they are new, there might be some cracked and broken bulbs that need replacement.

Be Careful with Candles

If you don’t want your home to fall to a fire caused by a candle, ensure to keep your candles 12-inches away from things that may bring up burn or flame. Stable holders must secure the candle so it won’t easily be knocked down.  Pay attention to all other variables that may affect a fire spread.

Get Home Insurance Today

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