5 Advantages of Having Flood Insurance in Southwest Florida

Whether by natural phenomenon or man-made reasons, flooding has affected most areas in the USA and this has brought about the necessity of having an insurance policy. If you are from the state of Florida, a flood insurance in Fort Myers or flood insurance in Clewiston is important to protect your assets from the frequenting natural onslaught brought about by hurricanes.

But what separates the insured from the uninsured? Here are five advantages of having flood insurance in Southwest Florida:

  1. Your homeowner’s insurance does not protect you from flood damage and getting private insurance will assure that you are covered. Yes, you read that right. Not all homeowner insurance agents are knowledgeable of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) community or floodplain hazard areas. Even if they tell you not to get one, it is better to consult with the NFIP for confirmation.
  2. You can have peace of mind amid natural calamities that can cause flooding. The USA is now frequently being ravaged by hurricanes. Flooding can occur anywhere in the US. Just an inch of water in your home can cause  $20,000 in only minimal damage cases.
  3. It will get you on the safe side especially if you are in a flood-prone zone. In Florida, flood insurance in Fort Myers or Clewiston is mandatory if you are purchasing a home in flood hazard areas.
  4. Flood insurance will cover the cost of home repair. The best way to protect your home in the advent of climate change is by getting the right insurance policy from John Perry Insurance. Your insurance can provide compensation for properties destroyed in the flood. Its coverage includes home repair cost and mold remediation.
  5. You will spend more without the flood insurance than getting one. You will never know when disaster can strike. The cost of spending on flood insurance in Clewiston or Fort Myers is way cheaper than the expense you will incur in rehabilitating your home or getting a new home after a flooding incident.

Keep your family safe by securing comprehensive insurance policies from John Perry Insurance. Contact us today! CLEWISTON: 863-777-4966, FORT MYERS: 239-204-3211, LABELLE: 863-588-7336, OKEECHOBEE: 863-824-5393.

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